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This is me (Michelle)
I would like to create a blog that is completely dedicated to:  "S*#t I've had to say since since becoming a parent" or 'S*#t I never imagined I would have to say until I became a parent"  that probably won't happen I barely have enough time to do this blog so I'll just add them here as they pop out of my mouth..........
This is my all time favorite and if you aren't sure what it means don't ask, just let it go!
1. No wonder your hoo hoo hurts
2. Go wash I smell hoo hoo hands
3. Yes we only say poo poo when we are in the bathroom going poo poo, anywhere else it's a bad word
4. Get your hands out of your butt
5. Seriously kid, This is your 5th outfit today, this isn't Dynasty! (I stole this one, Thanks Mado)
6. You wait until we're at the most disgusting place and then decide you have to go potty
7. Please keep your skirt down, we don't show people our hoo hoo
8. Kitties don't care about Christmas, CC (the cat) won't be sad that she didn't get anything from santa
9. No her name is Miss Marylou not Miss Larrylou
10. Yes I brought the diarrhea sample, it's in a baggie right here in my purse....wait, oh no!

My first Mammogram..........
My 40th birthday came and went and I knew I was supposed to schedule my first mammogram but I kept thinking to myself yeah I'm 40 but I'm not old like those other 40 year olds so more time passed and then my 41st birthday came and went. I finally kind of came to terms with being over 40 and decided I had better do it. I called and made the appointment, at the end of the conversation the lady on the phone told me to make sure I don't wear deodorant on that day because it can affect the results of the test, I'm thinking GREAT!!! It's bad enough I have to go there and be seen with those old people over 40 and I have parts of my body squeezed like a sandwich in a machine and I'm going to stink at the same time!!!!!!

Appointment day arrives and I'm very nervous, I shower right before my appointment to be as least stinky as possible. I arrive at the clinic I expect them to take one look at me and say Oh No you're too young to be here just go home, but that doesn't happen. They lead me to a changing room to remove everything on the top and put on a gown, after a few moments the technician comes back and takes me to "the room". It's not too bad, just a tall strange looking machine, again this person asks me my birth date, I'm still hoping she'll think I'm lying and that I can't possibly be 40 so they'll have to ask me to leave but it doesn't happen. So I step up to the machine and the technician immediately starts to position me into the right place, then she stops and looks me in the eye and says "by the way my name is Kim" I said well nice to meet you Kim, I should at least know your name since you're feeling me up, she says "yeah well we can have drinks later".

 In less than 5 minutes it was done, absolutely painless, I've heard horror stories of the pain, I'm thinking maybe the less you have the less pain, what does that tell you? Honestly it was so simple and quick and there is absolutely nothing to be scared of, they even give you a sucker afterwards, just kidding but seriously if you haven't had it done and you've been putting it off, stop waiting and do it!!! I'm very fortunate my results were absolutely negative, but some women are not so lucky. This isn't a funny subject but if I can bring a little humor to it and hopefully convince another woman that has been putting it off to just go and get it done than I'm happy!!!

Just some random thoughts.......

I love anything blue and coffee in the morning

I hate rain and dark gloomy days, that's why I live in Seattle  HA!

I love my wonderful husband and daughter but don't get me wrong I would love to run away some days and live on a tropical island by myself (wait, do they have casinos there? yeah nevermind)

I love playing slots at the casino, that is one of my guilty pleasures. (This is a common theme if you've read both our pages, Karen and I enable each other with the whole gambling thing)

I never thought I would be a SAHM, it just worked out that way and I'm glad it did.

When we buy some new toy or electronics I read the manual from cover to cover.

I'm on the wrong side of 40 but I still look pretty darn good!

There is no shame in leaving your clean clothes in a laundry basket until you end up using all of them, you saved yourself some folding.

Wine makes everything better!

My house is not perfectly clean all the time and I hate this whole false pretense that it is becaue I madly clean before someone comes over, I'm just telling people right now love me love my mess!!

I'm not all about shopping and fashion, one problem is that I am so damn cheap that I've never paid more than $50.00 for a pair of jeans and probably never will, I want to look cute but I don't spend a fortune on clothes and honestly I'm not impressed by people that do, I brag that I only paid $6.00 for a pair of jeans from Target.the


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