Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last Day to get $5 Free from Ibotta

Sorry y'all I meant to tell you about this earlier but I kept forgetting and now it's the last day, my bad sorry! It's called ibotta, you download the app to your phone then you earn money when you buy any or all of the items they feature, when you buy the item you scan the bar code and click a picture of the receipt and they give you cash, when you reach $5 they will deposit it into paypal or send you a check. Today I bought Neosporin and earned $1.25 even though I got it for free with sale and coupons at Rite Aid.
You can sign up anytime but today is the last day for the $5 promo, click on the link sign up and you will get $5 added into your account the first time you redeem an offer. Super easy kind of fun, check it out



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