Friday, April 27, 2012

Does your cooler have a funky smell?

Have you noticed when you unpack your cooler that's been stored in your garage all winter it has kind of a funky smell? Here's a few solutions if it's just a mild smell, try scrunching up newspapers, closing the lid and leaving it overnight, the newspaper should absorb the odor. Baking soda is always good to try, just leave a bowl of baking soda to absorb any smell. This sounds like a funny solution but it's worth a try, if you like the smell of coffee put some unused coffee grounds in your cooler with the lid closed and the next day the funky smell will be gone, you will just have the smell of coffee left. If you like the smell of vanilla, wet a paper towel with a small amount of vanilla extract and wipe down the insides of the cooler then leave the paper towel in the bottom overnight. Of course we can never forget good old vinegar, you could wash the inside with a solution of water and vinegar or use your spray bottle and spray the inside with a vinegar solution and wipe down the sides with paper towels and then leave the paper towels in the bottom overnight.

If something has been rotting in your cooler these solutions are probably not going to get rid of the smell, you may have to go to more drastic measures, be careful with bleach and chemicals if this cooler is going to be used for food later on.
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