Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ground Turkey for 6 Meals! $1.66 per meal is pretty cheap!

Yesterday Safeway had ground turkey in a 3lb package for $5.00 so I grabbed 2 of them and I want show you how I split them up to get 6 meals out of them! We don't eat ground beef so if I want meals that require ground meat like meatballs or tacos or shepard's pie then I use ground turkey. I would actually be fine going meatless all the time but my husband wants meat so I have to include meat. I just split each package into 3 equal parts, if you buy an individually wrapped 1lb package of ground turkey, same brand, same fat content, it costs at least $3.99 if not more and I refuse to pay that even if it is convenient.

So you can see I got six 1lb packages of turkey to put in the freezer and my cost was only $1.66 per pound. Just by doing a little extra work ahead time you can save yourself from having to buy the individually wrapped packages that cost $3.99 or more. This another way I am able to make most of our meals around $5.00 for the whole thing. You can see the other ways to do this on my How to Make $5 Meals  tab.


  1. We also eat turkey instead of ground beef, it is so cush better for you. We also split large blocks of cheese up the same way.

  2. I buy turkey on sale and grind it up.



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