Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who wants to win a pair of these boots from DAWGS?

Guess what! DAWGS is going to give a SWS reader a pair of these boots, I got to try a pair of these boots so I wanted to tell you about them. I had never heard of DAWGS so when I checked out their website I was surprised to learn that they have a huge selection of high quality Men's, Women's and Children's Shoes and Boots. They have everything from Boots to Rubber Sandals, Golf Shoes, and a huge line of Shoes and Safety Boots for people that are on their feet all day with an emphasis on comfort.
So I got the Women's 9" Side Tie Micro-fibre Boots
If you know me you know that I hate socks, I never wear them so I wanted to wear these boots without socks. The first time I put them on it was heavenly, the inner lining is so soft and squishy, I have been wearing them now for 2 weeks (without socks) and I'm amazed that my feet don't get too hot and that the lining has stayed just as soft and hasn't gotten all squished down. I've been wearing them outside as well and we have had wet and icy conditions off and on, the bottoms have a lot of traction and the Micro-fibre outer part still looks like brand new even though I have walked in puddles and rain. I just took the picture below and you can't even tell that I've worn them.
I'm excited that one of our readers is going to win a pair these, I know you will absolutely love them! I love the fact that they are cute and comfortable and if you look on the DAWGS website I think you will be amazed at the price....these are only $50.00 and the 13" boots are only $60.00. If you look online at other websites you'll find boots that are comparable to these are over $150.00.
Stay tuned for details about how to win a brand new pair of these boots, I can't wait!

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